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Business Organizing Testimonials

I own my own business and have always obsessively saved every scrap of paper, not sure what to keep or throw away—for ten years.  So, before I met with my accountant this year, I asked Allison to help me. Not only did she help me sort all of the paper, piles and piles, she helped me learn what I could start shredding or trashing in the future so I wouldn’t get myself into that mess again.  I feel very confident going forward, because I do love organization, but I struggle with indecision and a tendency to want to keep things “just in case.”

                                                                                                            Julie Hafer
Beauty Ethics

Allison helped our office tremendously! We moved from two suites to one (but had enough clutter for at least five). Having moved several times throughout the years we had accumulated quite a bit of junk and miscellaneous office supplies. When Allison first came in, you couldn’t even walk through our large supply room. Within a few hours, we not only had a walkway, but you could really start to see her process at work. Once completed – in the allotted amount of time per her scope – we were left with an extremely organized supply and equipment room. Thank you Allison for all your hard work!

Tiffani Bylow
Office Manager
Restoration Systems

I first met Allison when she was volunteering with the Junior League. After completing her volunteer hours, Allison offered to help me organize my office, and in just two sessions Allison transformed it. Not only does my physical space look better, but I feel better. I was often finding myself wasting time looking for things I couldn’t find because I didn’t have a good system in place for paperwork. Allison provided great ideas, advice, energy, a positive attitude, and she was committed to getting the job done. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Pepe Caudillo
Unit Director
Brentwood Boys & Girls Club

After working with Allison my productivity has skyrocketed. Sitting at my desk is no longer stressful because it’s not covered with papers and stuff. It’s nice to look around my office and not feel weighed down by clutter.

Molly Anderson
Jewelry Designer

I knew sifting through 30 years professional stuff wasn’t going to be easy. After working with Allison for just a few hours my office is transformed–I have only what I need and everything has a place. The skills Allison taught me have empowered me to organize my home on my own and made me feel confident that I can keep up with the systems she created.

 Dian Christian
Business Coach
Dian Christian Consulting