Reclaim Professional Organzing
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Residential Organizing Services

Decluttering & Organizing

Eliminates clutter in all rooms of the home, assisting in sorting and purging of items and maximizing existing storage space. Provides tips on maintaining personal organization after the project has concluded, making your home livable again.

Moving & Relocation

Assists with preparing and packing boxes, planning short- and long-term storage solutions, consulting with movers to ensure nothing is lost in transit, unpacking and checking you and your belongings into your new home.


Guides clients with ADHD through the unique challenges that can interfere with their quality of life, especially the belief that they cannot reach their organizing goals because of ADHD.

Digital Organization

Eliminates computer clutter and sets up efficient systems for keeping track of all items on your computer, such as photos, files, and e-mails.

Senior Downsizing & Relocation

Guides you and your loved ones through every task needed to downsize your family member’s home and belongings, helping seniors transition to their new lifestyles without stress.


Organizes your digital and printed photos.


Helps students at all levels with time management, creating digital and paper filing systems, project planning and customized organizing systems.

Virtual Organizing

Works with you virtually via telephone and e-mail to achieve your organizing goals.

Closet Design

Works closely with you and the Container Store Design team to create the perfect storage solutions for your needs.

Gift Certificates

Could someone close to you benefit from a more clutter-free, organized space? Gift certificates are available.