All Sessions Include:

Hours your professional organizers spend in your home, plus at no additional charge:

  • Sourcing packing materials and/or product planning, shopping, and returns.
  • Communication via email, text or phone pertaining to your project.
  • Hauling away moving boxes, paper, trash, and donations.
  • Arranging appointments with complimentary service providers such as interior designers, handymen, closet installers, Ebay resellers, etc.

Decluttering & Packing

We help you edit your items before you move. We will go through your items room by room and ensure you are only taking what you need and will actually use.

This package includes a team of professional organizers who will sort, edit with you, and can even pack your items as we go if requested. If we are packing for you we will carefully pack the items that are making the move with you and label everything clearly for a stress-free move.

Unpacking & Organizing

Once your items have arrived at your new home we start unpacking immediately, often while the movers are still unloading the truck. We then sort your items, strategizing to create the best organizational system for your unique needs, making sure you know where all your important items now live.

This package includes a team of professional organizers unpacking and organizing the contents of your move. If organizing products are needed we can source prior to moving day so that everything is organized from day one.

Our moving services packages start at $1,250 per day; this includes a team of multiple organizers for a set number of hours.
A final quote will be determined based on specific project details.

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